We want to read your best work! Send us your dark, your gritty, your brave, irreverent, off-kilter poems from the shadows. Surprise us. Make us love you. Break our hearts. No rules about length or form—send formal, free, or hybrid verse. We pay $15 per reprint (reprints from print sources ONLY; no pieces which have previously appeared anywhere online, including your blog, Facebook, etc.). This rate is for poems up to 50 lines. Longer poems pay somewhat more. Please submit up to FIVE poems at a time in a single file, and do not send more until you have heard back from us. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please be courteous and withdraw your submission or send an email (heathergamut@gmail.com) if one or more of your poems finds a home elsewhere before we’ve replied to your submission. PLEASE REMOVE ALL IDENTIFIERS (name, email, address, phone number, bio) from your document. We read all submissions blind. THESE POEMS CANNOT BE ONLINE ANYWHERE.

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